Validating project with local/github repo

Hello guys,

I’am doing the certification for Backend/API project.

I’am cloning the repo and making the changes locally.

I have already passed all tests, but now I don’t know how to validate the project.

When I click on “I’ve completed this challenge” , I don’t get any feedback that the exercise is over, even though all tests have passed.

Take a look at how I did it :

I have provided a specific github link and the localhost for the tests. What else should I do ?

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You have to host the project so the app can be accessed by anyone. You can not submit a locally hosted app for the certification projects. We currently suggest using replit. Some others have used Glitch.

Oh okay, I get it.

Because it worked like this for the previous exercises, I thought it would work for this one aswell.

My bad and thank you

Do you have any idea why I cannot import free code camp repo, from ? I get this error, pretty much all of the time.

Here is the error I get :

For the challenges, it works because those are optional for the certification. For the actual certification, freeCodeCamp needs to be able to see/use the app to validate it.

If you already have the project in your own GitHub repo, you can simply import it instead. Make sure you already have a replit account.

Ok, I think I got it.

I upload to directly from my github repo: Timestamp-Microservice - Replit

Hopefully, it will work if I provide this link.

You need to provide the url that shows in the preview after you click Run.

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Yay, finally , I did it !!

I did provide the link after hitting run, here it is :

The tests passed and the exercise was validated.