Visual Studio Code= please help me remember a simple shortcut

Hi there.
Took a break from coding that I shouldnt have taken.
In VSC, there was a shortcut click ( something like CTRL + right mouse click ), used to click on a predefined function that you have written, be it PHP, JS, whatever, and it would insta show you that function in detail on a appearing window ( what are its expected parameters… ).
I’m not sure whether a VSC extension is needed for that, may be the case.

Thanks anyone

It’s the language support for whatever language you’re using. Normally uses a language server. For JS/TS it doesn’t, it’s built in. For PHP you’d install (I think, I don’t use PHP) both PHP language support (which will give syntax highlighting) and a PHP language server (which will give you language definitions/ refactoring/ etc). May well be a single package, as I say I don’t use PHP. Once you’ve got an extension for a language installed, right click menu will show “Go to definition” etc options when you right click on something, and you should get completions as you type

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Just found out, for PHP one of these at least is PHP Intelephense.

Thank you

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