Visual studio code question

i downloaded visual studio code application as i am told to do in my pre-course work, but as i continued i couldn’t find a way to turn what i’ve made into an actual website

This page from w3schools explains how to view html documents in the browser. Just replace notepad with VS Code.

Unless you are asking about hosting the website.

To have a live website, you need it to be hosted on a server. From what you said, it sounds like you are taking a web development course. They may have a student server for you to deploy to (you would need to reach out to the instructor). If you are learning from an online service like Corsera, you will need to research hosting options that are appropriate for the website you want to build.

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This seems to be a common question, based I think on a misunderstanding of tools. VSCode is a text editor. It is for editing text files. This is the primary way to program – at a basic level, you write/edit a text file with some extension (like .html or .js) then you use some program that runs that kind of file.

So if it’s literally just HTML:

Write some html in VSCode. In browser go to file -> open. Select the html file you’ve created. Press ok.

If it needs to be on a server (there are many reasons for this needing to be the case, and it’s how it would be if you had your website live somewhere), slightly (not much) more complex, but basically you put the file in a directory where a program (a web server) can see it


If by “actual website” you mean anyone on the internet can access your work/webpages, then it has to be hosted on a server that can serve your page to the internet for open access. You can open your HTML file with your browser and it will render like any other website/webpage that you see on the internet (but in this case your webpage will only be accessible to you).

Btw there’s an extension called “Live Server” for vscode that deploys a local development server with reload feature (it’s what I use for testing static webpages).

That is exactly what im looking for, but its not showing up when i right click on my index.html doleder that i created.

What im looking for is how get a live server so i can view what i created in web

Did you install the Live Server extension?

i dont know how to download it, when i was looking at my precourse video about vscode, the person showed how they had the option to open in a live server