Voting App - Feedback needed!

Hi Campers,

Took me a long time, I used React + Redux + Express + MongoDB to build this project with server side rendering. Any feedback will be very appreciated!

Project Link
GitHub Repo

Congrats on doing the project - I want to do it with server-side React/Redux rendering soon, so thanks for the inspiration.

First off, your landing.jpg images are way too big. I have a 50mbps ethernet connection, and it’s taking me 5 seconds for the page to load an image jaggedly. I think the standard for background images is 1920x1080, and your images are about 5000x4000… that would take a loooong time on slower internet devices. Maybe try a loader or image blur up fade technique such as medium or facebook? I noticed you have a fade, but the effect does not wait for the image to load first (try clearing your cache to see this).

I am not sure about the search bar on the landing page… maybe think about what you accomplish in choosing a search instead of displaying information or all polls…

Also, I think it would be good to give the user a message when there are no polls to display - such as an invalid search or when viewing my polls. Possibly give a link to suggested polls to keep their interest? This is critically important because of your landing page. Because there are only a few polls, it is highly probable a first time user will search for something that is not a poll. They are left with a blank page with nothing guiding them what to do.

Also, it might be fun to go a little further and seed your database with hundreds or thousands of polls. Then the newest/hottest toggle would be cooler, and you could also toy with pagination or continuous/progressive loading.

Anyway, awesome work!

Thanks so much for the awesome feedback, I am gonna start to work on fixing those issues

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Its really good man, there is an issue for me when I try to connect with a Google account (once I’m logged in) it keeps refreshing authentication window and not redirecting me back to your site.

Edit: It seems that my google account is linked anyway after closing Google authentication tab.

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Thanks for the feedback, I am not able to reproduce the problem, do you still get the problem? I have made some UI improvement to solve the loading issues