VSCode Workspaces

Hi All,
I’d like to use VSCode workspaces as a project template setup, but I’m not sure if my understanding of them is complete. Can I use workspaces without the original files? I’m imagining that I could save a condensed version of a directories content, but perhaps workspaces point to existing files rather than are compressed information in their own right.

Any suggestions or tips in terms how you would save your own dev environments for quick use at a later point. Preferably without taking up to much storage space.


VSCode workspaces are just folders you open in VSCode. That’s it, it’s a good feature but there’s nothing really more to it. It’s very useful in a program of that kind to have the concept of “opening” a folder rather than just opening a single file. With that concept, commands to view all the files, or lint all files, or whatever – they can be applied to everything in that folder; the folder is your “workspace”, hence the name.

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