Want to make checkout page

Hello Guys, i want to make checkout page as similar as above link with all functionalities. Can any one let me know for functionality what i have to use or can anyone send me the code that would be very helpful for me

Getting someone else to do your work for you isn’t going to teach you how to do it for yourself. Pull up the checkout page yourself, grab a pen and paper, and start listing out the functionality (requirements) of the page.

It’s much easier to figure out the requirements from a high level (add item to cart, delete item from cart, update quantity), before sitting down to figure out how to write the code to meet those requirements (addItem() {…}, deleteItem() {…}, updateQuantity() {…}). Any time you find yourself getting overwhelmed, break it down further, and focus on the individual pieces.

I tell my son it’s like those Lego sets that have multiple bags with each individual piece being a “line of code”, each bag being a “function” (made up from those “lines of code”), and it’s by putting those “functions” together, that you get the finished project/product :slight_smile:

Do you mean just the product display/search layer ? Or also including the actual checkout (payment handling, customer database, order processing, etc) itself ?

It is worth noting that while the former is certainly feasible given the combination of libraries and javascript on this site, the later bumps into a lot of data handling/transmission/storage issues that I feel frankly are not discussed (or at least in any great depth) as part of this course. You could certainly compose say the cart in React.JS, but I wouldn’t even think about doing your own payment processing/customer database handling on your on site until you have a better sense of all the vast security issues involved (i.e. injection attacks, https/SSL, database security, etc, etc). IMHO starting out you can make the cart yourself, but use an outside processor to hand off the customer cart/info.

Not trying to be negative here, but security is always a big issue and something not covered in a ton of depth here.

I am sorry if I was ‘misunderstood’-- All of the above are very acceptable items you can learn and complete with this course-- Including, most importantly how to interact with an API.

You can perform all of the items you specified in the above images with AJAX and other client side methods host interaction methods this site will walk you through.

Only, at least in the way you described your first post on this subject— I mean it totally would be possible to use many of the techniques presented here to make a ‘complete’ cart.

Obviously I am neither a rep of the site nor know whom you are. Perhaps there is also just a minor difference in linguistics here, as for me when I think ‘check out’ I think of the order processing.

Once again, I did not want to be ‘discouraging’-- But also not blindly like ‘sure, go for it!’.

I mean consider, our largest credit security system in the US recently held all our accounts under the most minor shield for the longest time. FCC, like any other school, is a school, and at some point you realize you did not learn there all that you should have, but hopefully by then it is not too late.

In any case, now that you have clarified. Of course you can do what you propose with what is listed in this course. And interact with the appropriate APIs (paypal, venmo, etc). Though even on this simply level, privacy laws for information collection differ across so many jurisdictions.

Perhaps I should have just ‘skipped’ this question but I did not want you to unknowingly get into any trouble.

Using Stripe.js lets you process the card number without it ever touching your server (its stripes problem) so you don’t need to worry about PCI Compliance. You should still write a secure application but credit card numbers are no longer st risk. The con being you have to use Stripe to process payments.