Wasted time need advice

I wasted some time learning software testing even though i wanted to be a developer. What should i do now? waste more time without a job learning development or try to get a job and learn on the side? Help and resources are appreciated

First of all, software testing is not a bad skill for a developer to have.

We can’t decide what you should do. I will say that it will probably take longer to learn and get a job in development than you are expecting. If you need money now, get a job.

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i dont need money but i want to be independent so it might be viable to get a job and try. Thanks for answering!

Can you be a bit more precise, testing but what? Writing automatic tests? What languages and what libraries?

Testing is just a part of the software development, as you have to write tests to submit your pull requests. Of course, software is getting bigger and bigger so you can become a Quality Assurance specialist and still write the code, but the one responsible for testing. As far as I know it’s a growing field, there are not enough testers on the market, so probably finding a good job and reaching a good salary will be much easier than starting as a developer.

Moreover, many companies hire people firstly as a QA specialist to later move to a developer position, so if you really worked with automatic testing it’s not a wasted time at all.

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