Way to upload code

Hi, I’ve created a website and i need to show the code for it. What’s an easy way to show it, and especially if it includes api

Thanks in advance

That depends on what you mean by “show”. If you mean to make the code viewable, then github is a solid choice, and is an important thing to learn. If you mean “show” as in let people see the finished product, the running page, then you’d have to host it somewhere.

Is codepen a viable solution as well?

If by this you mean you’ve written server-side code, then no. CodePen lets you write small bits of HTML, CSS and JS in the editor they provide, then display and share the result, that’s all.

If you have server code, then there are options to host that for free too, like heroku. You could call that from codepen. I would also point out that codepen isn’t the most professional solution - it’s a cool little playground and learning tool, but it has it’s limitations.

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On a web page you can try to use html tag <pre>

but sometimes you have to escape the code.

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Do you know any quick start guide into uploading code for GitHub? I’ve never used it for funnily enough

There are plenty of videos on how to store things on github. It is a very important thing for a developer to learn so it is worth your while.

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Got it thanks man, I honestly forgot Github was an option since I’m not familiar but i’m gonna go try now

Github (or at least its underlying technology of git) is a hugely important tool used in modern software development. Most developers use it several times a day. A lot of it you learn on the job, but you can learn the basics now.

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