Web designing with WordPress and XAMPP

I was experimenting with WordPress and XAMPP. To install WordPress I have to copy WordPress files in the htdoc folder of xampp and rename it to the website name. I wonder, after completing one project how I will start the second one. I mean I have to copy Wordpress files again and rename the folder for second website name. Isn’t create the extra load?

Thank you for the time.


Yep, that’s one way and it’s a problem

However, there are better alternatives. Docker (or docker-compose), for instance. With Docker, you have containers that you can reinitialize with a command and just work: you create the theme or plugin you’re working on and you’re ready. Of course, depending on your needs it may need a complex setup or event creating a container image.

Take a look at Docker and the official WordPress docker container → Docker Hub.

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Thanks a lot for your time. It’s very helpful.

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Some people install WP multisite to handle multiple projects


Thank you. I appreciated it.