Web Developer job in Michigan

Hi, I’m a junior web developer. I have some knoledge in PHP (Wordpress, Laravel), HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and now I want to learn Node.js. Is someone here who knows how much I can earn as a junior web developer and how it’s to work in Michigan? I have this questions beacuse i’m from Romania :slight_smile:

Experience: 1 year
Skills: PHP (Wordpress, Laravel), HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

just do some google searching for php job salary michigan. That will return enough results to get an idea. Ideally it depends on the company, prior experience, etc. You should be able to get a good idea by googling though.

I don’t have any direct knowledge, but having lived in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor in recent years I’d guess 75k would be normal for development generally. I don’t know how prospects would be father north in the state if that’s where you’re looking but particularly in Grand Rapids and Detroit right now you’d probably have your pick of jobs.

dont forget, you negotiate your salary too.