Web Hosting Services Help

I’ll preface this post by saying I’m a coding newbie and appreciate any explanation/advice my fellow coders can provide.

My husband has asked me to create a website for his business so I’ve started looking into what services are available to get started. After looking over several companies, I’m leaning towards DailyRazor.com as my web service. Unfortunately, am not sure I fully understand how the hosting services work and am looking for some help.

The DailyRazor site provides services for Website Hosting as well as ASP.net Hosting. My first question is, what are examples of what each of these would be used for? How are they different?

My next questions are in relation to their mid-grade packages for each these services. Both the Website and ASP.Net services will “Host up to 10 Domain.Websites” as part of the package. I need help understanding what this means. Would this be like sub-hosting different websites? Or would the domains/websites need to be related? Are different pages (i.e. a Checkout page or About Us page) normally be counted as “websites”?

I’m proficient with HTML, CSS and have used ASP.Net, so I feel like I’m capable of creating the site, but I’m struggling with making the connection of how to make the site accessible on the net.

I truly appreciate the advice/education.


Never in my life have I used ASP so IDK the gist.

A hosting provider gives you a small percentage of space of one of their many servers in which you can store files, run a web server and a backend programming language such as PHP or .Net (C#).

Most shared web hosting sites give you 1-click installers for Wordpress, Drupal, SMF and other CMS. If you choose not to install any of that, you’re given PHP, Apache, Mysql (database) and either a linux or windows environment. Since they use CPANEL, all you have to do is know some FTP to upload the files (htmls, phps, css’s, images and whatnot) and then start referencing them in your php or html files.

Once you have the hosting you need a domain, a domain name is something like “google.com” where google is the name and .com is the domain; you can buy it one at name, namecheap, godaddy or 1and1 (I prefer namecheap). They are paid annually and float around 15 USD up to hundreds depending on the availability and level.

You need to point the DNS to the domain (your hosting provider must have some guides and tutorials on how to do it) and wait a few hours until it takes effect, whatever is stored in the /www folder or /htdocs (in LAMP servers) is what’s going to be displayed on the domain once you access it with the browser; remember that the index.html file is the one that’s displayed after accessing a directory.

Sorry I can’t help you with the asp hosting as I never used it before, I’ve mainly used php/mysql hosting and a VPS for Nodejs.