Web Services - XML, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI

Hi. I’m interested in learning web development and I just heard about web services. I don’t see it mentioned in most web development courses.
Do the FCC certificates teach anything like this?
Do CS or web development university students learn this?
When would a web developer need to know/do about web services?
Does an entry level web developer need to know this?
If I need to learn this for web development, where can I learn?

If you had been learning about developing web based services 15-20 years ago, then it would have been likely you’d have seen it mentioned. Even then, a. it doesn’t have much do to with development of web clients (front end), and b. XML-based ways of describing web services were and are still, as a rule, mainly confined to enterprise. So if you worked as (for example), a Java developer building services for, say, a bank, sure, you’d likely deal with this stuff.

This stuff is still used, often by enterprise, often because they’re maintaining systems that were built 15-20+ years ago, and who normally want everything specced to the nth degree. Banks, for example, as a rule, do not like updating their systems to use newer technology, for obvious reasons – once it’s built and working, if you have millions of people using those hugely complex systems, there aren’t many good reasons to risk damaging the systems by updating the technology.

If they were building APIs that used those technologies? As described, that normally applies to enterprise. So if you were in a job that required talking to one of those systems, useful to know these things but it’s quite specialised. If you were building some services then you’d normally use some framework that handled a lot of the plumbing. If you were architecting some system, then yes, definitely, but that’s a million miles away from junior level.

It’s just one collection of approaches to specifying how a system talks to other systems, how it fits together. It’s all XML based so it’s extremely verbose and generally needs lots of tooling built for it. And XML-based normally implies Java or C#- based enterprise systems

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