Website for a friend. (Beginner Writer and Poet)

Hey Guys,
I made this website for a friend who writes prose and poetry as hobby.
(Homepage design inspirations from one of Kevin Powell’s tutorials.)
Do let me know your reviews.
Would love to have some constructive criticism from you all.
Thanks in advance and take care of yourselves.


The site look very good :slight_smile:
I just dont like very much the emoji, it is a little out of the design.
I would also round the buttons corners, but this is just a personal preference.

Keep up the good work!


Hey @FredVal,
Thank you so much for the review.
I’ll surely try the rounded button corners.
:+1: :+1:

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Looks nice.

  • I don’t mind the flat design on the buttons, they go with the section-subtitle design. I’d probably give them a bit more top/bottom padding.

  • The “Who I am” section is off-center, well the section is centered but the content is off-center, it looks a bit off.

  • The Content links for the book doesn’t seem to work.

  • I would increase the amount of text per page. Maybe increase the size of the paper and lower the font size a bit.

  • The idea of switching fonts is novel and all, but unless you have specific settings for each font it won’t really work and I’m not sure the fonts you have really add anything to the UX. Maybe just combine the color and fonts into a reading mode, have one light, one dark, and one hight contrast accessibility friendly one.

  • I’d maybe rethink the Poetries page, it isn’t the greatest reading experience (font/contrast and the long page scrolling). I don’t really have an idea for you off the top of my head though.

Great work, keep it up.

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Thank you so much for the detailed review.
I really appreciate it.

  • The content links for chapter doesn’t work coz, chapters will be released weekly, but yeah you are right, should have made at least the structure instead of dead links.

  • I’ll surely fix the “Who am i” Section.

  • I have been experimenting with the paper size and font size, even i think there’s too much of scrolling, more text is needed per page.

  • About the font thing, i was actually planning on having specific settings for each font, thanks for pointing out, I’ll fix that asap.

  • Even the Poetries’ page has been bugging me, when i had 2 poetries ( which i had initially) the design looked fine, but now with 5-6 poetries, it’s too much of an effort for the user, maybe i will implement it in photo gallery kind of way or search of some other design idea.

Thanks again for the review. :v: