Website links and images broken

While I was making my website on a localhost (XAMPP), I had no problems with images and links , but when i uploaded it everything is a mess.
Can you please tell me how can I fix this error!
Website link:

The image looks scrambled. Can you check the images folder where you hosted your site.? Does those images inside it look scrambled?

Yes , they are !
I downloaded a few of them ,and they were a total mess.How can i fix this ?
I think it’s from the FTP

Maybe remove those and try uploading again and check the quality this time.

I’ve done it twice but nothing changed.I think there is a ftp problem!

Are you using a standalone FTP app or are you using web FTP provided by your host that runs in your browser?

I’m using FileZilla ftp

There’s something you can try in the meantine… Inline images.

I just want to mention that I’ve just visited your site and couldn’t find any images at all.

The website has images , but some of them aren’t even displaying

The link in the OP is broken, but i guess this is the index page

I only see the hot-linked images. I think you are getting incomplete uploads, i can see the image file header looks fine but the end of the file looks wrong. When you upload images using FTP does the file size on the server match your local version. Try making a really small image, upload it and see if it shows up.

Tried , but nothing helped.And what does that mean about the file size and local version ?

I mean if you check the size of an image you upload to the server, does it match the file size on your machine (i.e. the original file).

Pretty sure you are getting incomplete or corrupted uploads.

File size is the same as mine,but still nothing.Any other way of fixing this ?

It is a free host, so don’t expect too much, but you can try the support email. If you can’t fix it I guess you can use another host for the images and link to the images from there.

I have a free domain with DNS.Can you give me a tip on how to put it on my selfhost ?
I think to host a 24/7.3 websites 4GB RAM , and i know about XAMPP and WAMP ,but nothing about the domains is mentioned :x

I would not self host. There are other free hosts you can try, or fairly cheap ones that might be good enough. I can’t really recommend any, look around.

Do you have access to the cpanel (might be called vista panel), if so is there a file manager, that says something like “Online File Manager”.

Yes,I do.Why ? You want me to try it for uploading pictures from there ? And why isn’t self hosting a good idea ?

It didn’t help at all…Still confused.Are they banned words or something IDK

I don’t know what to tell you, maybe it’s just a garbage host. I’m not their tec support.

Should be easy to check, rename a image to a single word, like cat, and try.

Do you think wordpress is a good hoster ?