Whar are the required dependencies in package.json in react native

Hai,I am stuck in while doing react native navigator example and what are the dependencies require in package.json file and I installed the package
npm install --save react-navigation, even if my android simulator issue is like
Invarient Violation: Navigator is deprecated and has been removed from this package.It now can be installed and imported from ‘react-native-deprecated-custom-components’ instead of ‘react-native’.
How to solve this issue…pls help me and I am stuck in this problem for many days…

What are dependencies in package.json file.

Navigator is deprecated. You need to install the package it asks you to install, and import from there instead. See the first Google result: https://github.com/react-community/react-navigation/issues/1328

You don’t need to know the required dependencies; just follow the instructions in the error message