What Am I Learning Here

I don’t seem to be learning anything here just type what they tell us to, with no explanation

I say that if you try hard and pay attention, you learn a lot

It is common to have the feeling of “I’m not remembering all of this stuff”.

Keep in mind that you are remembering more than you think. And keep in mind that most developers google things several times a day. I once check my search history and saw that on that day I googled 73 things. A slow day might be 5-10. No one remembers all of this. It’s more important to remember the “kind” of things that are available and know how to google the details.

Try to remember that you are in control of your learning journey. The goal of freeCodeCamp’s lessons is to give enough information that most students feel like they are learning without overwhelming them with long explanations that they probably don’t have context for. If you encounter lessons where you feel unsatisfied by how well you understand the content, I really encourage you to google the new tools or terms. You’ll probably find that there are a few additional websites that go into the level of detail that you are most comfortable with. Know what those resources are and how to find them will continue to serve you as you learn and for the rest of your coding life.

It’s a practice-makes-perfect thing. Clean Mr Miyagi’s car enough and you’ll beat Cobra Kai at the tournament.

If you’ve that feeling, I suggest go through HTML and CSS crash courses from YT, later come back to FCC; you will understand things in better way.

While doing exercises from FCC / going through YT tutorials, keep VSCode open; type the code and see errors, execution etc it will keep you motivated and learn better.

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