What are easy to read recommended books to learn coding?

I am a newbie in coding, completed 10 hrs of coding in FCC. Pls recommend any easy to read books for coding.


@ramvishesh If you do a search of the forum, you’ll find many posts regarding this. Here is one such post: https://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/javascript-books-for-absolute-beginners-strugglers/11926/5

Happy coding!

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I recommend you to learn java or c# first, so you can focus on learning how to think like a programmer with a better designed language. Anything you learn from java or c# will be extremely valuable so you can understand javascript later.

Books from the Head First series is great for beginners. I recommend this one for you: Head First Java.

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You should start C programming language first. Because most of the languages follow the syntax of C. The recommendable book is Let Us C author Yashawant Kanetkar.

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You should start using search function. If you just type book in the search bar on forum, you will get an entire page of this kind of threads. No need to create another.

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@ramvishesh I found Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 3rd Edition, By Nicholas C. Zakas, covers ECMAScript5 (ES5) and I found it to be very through and easy to read.

This books covers syntax, variables, functions and objects as well some deeper topics such as scope, closure, DOM, JSON and APIs and more.
A few versions were released at the end of 2011, beginning of 2012. An e-book version was released in December 2011 followed by another one in 2012. A paperback version was also released in January of 2012. I’m currently reading the 2012 e-book online through my library and I’m waiting for paperback copy which I ordered online. I read the first 5 chapters so far and liked it so much that I decided to get a paper copy to keep for reference.

Clicking on the first link above will take you to a page for the e-book version. From there you can click on the yellow “Search Inside and Read” banner above the image of the front cover which lets you preview the book.

The book includes a lot of code snippets that help explain topics. I really like this as I sometimes find programming books only offer one code example even on a very complex topic. I also like that the author chose to use words that are more meaningful for variables and functions, such as blue, getColor() and num1, num2 and Sum() instead of foo and bar() which I don’t find to be as helpful.

Complete beginners can also use this book as it starts off with good review of the basics including syntax, case sensitivity, identifiers, keywords, variables and operators and a great explanation of how Javascript handles data types and coercion. That last section alone is worth a ton.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has some prior programming experience and is learning Javascript (like me).

Experienced programmers can also use this to look up how Javascript handles some things differently compared to other languages they already know like strict equality, hoisting and block scope.

For example, you can call the local variable color outside of the block in Javascript without any problems. In C++ however, color would be out of scope.

Code snippet taken from book.

if (true) {
    var color = "blue";
alert(color);    //"blue"

The preceding code is valid in Javascript for a local variable but wouldn’t work in C++ as color is declared inside of the block.

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@the-thief Thank for the help. really appreciate the detail.

If you just want to learn to code and you don’t care about the language, I’d look into Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. Python is very beginner-friendly and it’s also a nifty language that’s been used in production on some very large projects.

The You Don’t Know JavaScript(YDKJS) series is great to start with, although it can help to know some basic JS before diving in.

I learnt a lot by going through the books that Stanford uses for its Web Applications course: https://topcsbooks.com/course/web-applications/university/stanford-university/