What are some great Project-based AngularJS Tutorials

I am new the JS sphere, from PHP and Python (Django) and I want to start learning fullstack JavaScript development - starting with Angular.

Question: What are some good tutorials in which they develop something cool using AngularJS that I can follow for learning purposes. I want something tangible that I can add to my portfolio and be proud to showcase.

PS: I am on FreeCodeCamp and I am taking the FullStack web development specialization offered by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Coursera. So, I have a pretty good basic knowledge of JavaScript.


The official angular tutorial is very good and kept up to date


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Thanks @ppc. I am almost done with it. I want something a little bigger - just a little :slight_smile:

Think of the investment Google made to write and maintain this free tutorial - anything bigger of similar quality is unlikely to be free - there may be paid courses with deeper dives

On the other hand after the official tutorial you could tackle projects of your own making - you can get some ideas to clone below - freecodecamp does not have any angular projects but I’ll try to answer specific questions if you post to the forum


Thank you very much, @ppc . This is very helpful