What are some of your ways of learning?

hey guys! i just wanted to know how you guys mange to get code to stick in your brain while you are learning. do you guys take notes, read books, videos, etc and how do you manage your timing on coding.

The best way to learn to code is to keep coding, run into issues, fix said issues and keep going. More you do it, the more stuff ends up in “muscle memory”. It isn’t easy, glamorous or fast, but it works.

PS. this is a very generic answer


Hey @yaotl920!

The best way to get better at coding is to code. You can also read books and watch videos but actively coding and building stuff is going to help solidify your knowledge. Just keep building small stuff and learn from those projects.

Also, spaced repetition really works well for me. For example, if you are in the functional programming section of javascript you could take a break and practice regular expressions. Or you could refactor your basic algorithm solutions or find new solutions. Revisiting topics is really important.

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thanks bro bro! I appreciate it.