What are some recommended responsive tutorial videos?

I have completed all five of my projects for web development, but I want to try my hand at freelancing after this, and I want to have five good, professional, presentable websites. What I made for my projects simply won’t cut it.

I’m going to watch a video tomorrow of a step-by-step tutorial to responsive website design for mobile-first. I want to know if anyone has any suggestions as to what to watch. Does anyone also recommending using some other software other than CodePen for this? Or is CodePen the best option?

I don’t wish to discourage you, but it is unlikely you will be employable after the first certificate. At the very least, you need to learn how to develop on a local machine, and be able to put up the code somewhere, via FTP or telnet access to a server. The Responsive Design projects are a good start, but they’re nowhere near the end. By all means find other projects to do to improve your CSS skills. I know w3 schools has a lot of topic-oriented material, as does MDN.

Well I figured I wouldn’t be employable yet. I’m aiming to at least finish the Javascript course, take some community college courses, and practice programming some robots or do other Javascript projects, first.

Right now I’m focusing on learning from cleaning up my old projects, and making them presentable for Upwork so that I can maybe begin freelancing. I read from an article, one that I honestly can’t remember, that it’s a good way to get more programming experience AND make money.

Like, I still need to learn how to make more responsive websites made for mobile first, and learn how to use media queries properly.

YouTube has a ton of responsive web tutorials. This is not an endorsement, but check out Traversy Media and the Net Ninja. That said, there’s so much more to this than just learning responsive design, a bit of Javascript, and a little PHP. Think of this program as collecting snowflakes. At the end of the program you’ll have enough saved up to make a small snowball to fit in your fist. After that you work on the other snowflakes that span over the length of a football field.