What are the skills set acquired by a personnel if he/she is able to finish the entire curriculum of FCC or around 90%?

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Greetings, pleasure talking to you. It would be really great if you can address my concern please.

Completing the entire curriculum will be taking at-least one complete year. The course will be rigorous and tough and will require full dedication - only coding for a year or two. I want to know what will I be capable of doing, if I complete the entire course at FCC?

What will be the skills/ capabilities I will be having after course completion - like will I be able to make websites like quora/ facebook or mobile applications like whatsapp or tinder etc.


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For big projects you will need a team, so if you complete everything (correctly, appropriately, building that muscle-memory), and want to do everything on your own you can do it in a few years. With a team of like-minded (experienced) individuals then much sooner.

It depends on your experience. If you start with no or minimal programming experience and you work really really hard for 9 months and complete the curriculum, then unless you are a ringer (ie, genius) - you probably won’t create professional applications right away. If you find a job, you would probably start as a junior developer or even in support/maintenance - not the go-to guy - and work your way up. If you want to do it on your own, pick a project or two and complete it in really exhaustive detail. But in this case I think finding a job where you can see what the field is all about would be very very helpful (if not crucial).

If you already have lots of hard-core, on-the-job programming experience, then yes you probably could start developing small professional applications pretty soon (and you really don’t need this comment). It all depends on whether or not you need to sleep occasionally, especially after you have to provide support.