What are the steps to start a coding/software consulting business with the skills learned here?

Hi everyone! The goal for many here is to learn coding and find a job, but another option I am exploring is starting a software consulting business. Not really freelance, but do it with a team of people. Basically, find clients who need stuff made and go make it with a team of coders, designers, project manager etc. Mainly full stack Javascript web apps. I have project management and consulting experience but know very little people that I can ask to do projects with. Should I go to events and talk to people who are interested or find people online? Anyone who is doing this or has the same plan and wants to share how to start?? Questions that come into mind are:

  • What is the best mix of team members? (developers, UX/UI designer, a project manager?)

  • Where to recruit people?

  • Should I specialize in a technology and language or offer broad services?

  • Where to find clients?

Any ideas and experience to share? thanks