What can I upload to github as jr frontend dev?

I want to get into my first job to gain experience. What should I upload to Github? Now I can only write website designs with html css.

Every project you are working on should be on github. But it’s just a storage place. And it is a conveient place to show you code to a hirer and how them that you understand the basics of git. But it’s the quality of the projects that gets jobs. Keep learning coding and make increasingly complex projects. An store them on github.

Should a simple psd to css project also be put on github?

Hi @yasinkarax !

There is no harm in it.
Put it up there.

You want to start practicing git and github now so you can get comfortable with it.

Also, as your skills grow, you will continue to build more complex projects.

When it comes time to apply for jobs, you can highlight your top projects on your resume and portfolio.


The job I want to enter now is not full time. It’s a job to gain experience in my spare time from my college classes. I don’t have the skills to meet the expectations of a full time front end developer in my first job experience.

That’s fine.

I think you are overthinking this.
Github is a place to store your projects
Don’t worry about if it is the right project or not to put up there.
Just push it to github.

Super simple :grinning:

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Yeah, upload everything. Just try to keep adding more projects to it, hopefully increasingly complex ones. You can draw their attention to the ones about which you are most proud. They aren’t going to care if some of your old projects aren’t as good as your most recent.

Just learn and build things. And learning some JS would help you build some better portfolio apps.

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