What Do I Do now? after obteining my certificate Full-Stack JS Certifcate

I completed both the TeamTreehouse Front End and The Full-Stack JS certification; I have earned my last certificate in August last year. I am transitioning from Call center freelance.
My concern is I don’t feel ready since everyone seems to be looking for seniors with years of experience. Any advice, please?
I also find it hard to find projects to work on so I can keep building my curriculum.
(I leave outside the US.)

Can probably apply for jobs now if you feel ready

open source projects are available all over the internet and a contribution to open source projects will show also your ability to work in an already going project and adapt to already existing specifications

example, freecodecamp is an open source to which you can contribute, there are many, just search on github!

Hello @Jd536 welcome to the forums :smile:

You can apply for jobs anytime during going through the curriculum. Now that your finished with it that is more or less all that’s left besides “learning for yourself”. I recommend looking into jobs you want to apply for, find there requirements and see what your missing. If its knowledge of specific technologies, go out and learn those too the same way you have done with FCC as your guide.

You specifically mention “lacking experience” as a “blocker”. Generally if your near the requirement amount of experience you should just apply anyways. This is especially true if you have relevant experience in the other requirements.

If you want to gain more experience doing actual projects, then either go out and find existing ones, or just go out and build your own. The cool part of being a developer is being able to build stuff, stuff you might want to build, or stuff you’d actually want to use. Build something that will help you. Open source it, put it on github, maintain it, promote it and get feedback. Lots of open source projects started this way and are excellent ways to increase your exposure while also giving you “real world” experience.

Alternate approaches would be approaching an organization and offer your services for free to build them something they may need. For example, one of my first actual projects was built to help handle some stuff we were doing at work with just excel spreadsheets. It was a fantastic experience and really did help my work while I was there :smile: It also came in handy when applying to jobs later as I could “show it off”.

So go out apply, get feedback to your current knowledge situation, and seek opportunities to improve upon it. You have have finished the entire curriculum, but the learning has just begun!

Good luck :smiley: