What do you think about this Alan Turing tribute page?

Hi guys, i must say freecodecamp is really awesome! Just did my tribute page project, a timeline of Alan Turings’ life, he’s considered the creator of modern computing and founder of Computer Science. he shortened WWII by about 2 years after cracking the Enigma code. Now give me that feedback. Here’s the link, https://codepen.io/heyamjoe/full/EZVgxj.
Regards ya’ll.

Good work there.
I got only one suggestion for ya, and that is change background color from pure black (#000), to #333. this is a lighter shade of black that is standard. Pure black kinda feels unnatural and unpleasant as background. A professional designer explains it here mate https://ianstormtaylor.com/design-tip-never-use-black

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why doesnt work on my phone?

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Hey @xNavid thumbs up for that. Have done accordingly. Thanks mate.

Hi @mandaputra8, thanks for noticing, i never bothered to view it in a smaller browser window. It’s now fixed. Thanks again.

cool @heyamjoe good work!

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