What do you think of my portfolio site?

Hi. I would like to hear your opinion on my simple portfolio website.
In terms of code and design.
The link :
Portfolio Site
Thanks :slight_smile:

I like the fresh colours and the layout of the site. Some Critique to improve your design:

  • I would add some transition to your hover-states of the tiles.
    .navLi:hover { background-color: rgba(101, 31, 255, 0.5); transititon: background-color 0.5 0 ease-out; }

  • Try to use a sans-serif front as textfont.

(ill edit the post later with more comments)

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I think you mean the ( Twitter - Dribbble - Behance ) buttons? I’ve added transition to them.
I cleaned the CSS because previously I had a nav menu then decided that I don’t need it. So I deleted the HTML part and forgot the CSS part :smile:


When you hover over them, the box shadow is changed immediatly.

Thanks. I added easy-out to the shadows.
Also changed the font.
As for the buttons I think the light violet fits well.

Thanks :tulip:

I like the border-shadows! great! As optimisation, i would make them a little smaller, so they don’t overlap.

As for the buttons I think the light violet fits well.

My further reasoning behind changing the hover colour for your social buttons, is that you have minimal indication, if the button was clicked or not. From a User Interface perspective, giving the user minimal feedback is not a good thing. You could make the border thicker, if you want to leave the color like that.