What does div-image means in our project?

Hello everyone, I have solved all the challenges relating to responsive web design.
Now, I’m about to begin my project. I can tell that I understand all what I learnt but what keep confusing me is the project requirements such as the DIV-IMAGE, FIG-CAPTION blah-blah.
Can anyone explain their functions to me Please? Or can I do away it?

Thanks, your response is highly appreciated.

Those are html tags ^^


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Yes, I understand Sir. That means I should create an id for those names. I’m I right?

If you have problems with a specific challenge you can link it here so you can receive a more meaningful help :slight_smile:

A div tag defines a section in a html code. and can be used as a container to style them with css our work with js later on. So in other words it’s nothing more then a container that contains other elements.
a fig caption works in combination with a figure element. fig= figure and can define a caption :3