What framework should i learn?

Hello guys!!!I wanted to ask which is the most efficient framework for JavaScript and when should I start learning it?

What do you mean by most efficient?


I meant most useful.

For what? There are lots of frameworks that do lots of different things


I’d like to expand on this.

JavaScript is just a language, which is just a tool to tell the computer to do “things”.

A framework is pre-written code that uses your JavaScript a specific way to accomplish specific tasks faster.

So “efficiency” and “usefulness” end up being relative to what tasks you want to accomplish.

JavaScript normally is used in 2 specific domains:

  1. browsers - via front-end frameworks
  2. servers - via nodejs

In these 2 domains, you get a large number of options and offshoots.

browser/client-side frameworks:

  • React, Angular, Vue,

Server-side/nodejs frameworks:

  • express/deno

However each of these options can be expanded upon and present their own choices.



Followed-up question.

I know a little bit of Python, and rightnow it helps me with learning JS.

Lets imagine I know React.
If I will need to switch to Angular, knowledge of React will be helpful???

Any general advices about learning new frameworks?

Yes, all three of the major client-side frameworks have overlapping ideas and concepts, along with the same underlying languages (all are based on JavaScript, or TypeScript, which is based on JavaScript)

I’d open a new thread and re-ask this question, as to not pollute this one :slight_smile:

I think I’ll do it, but maybe first I will prepare more specific questions/thoughts.

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