What is better for me?

Hello Developer :slight_smile:
I have small problem and I Need help and tips from you!
I reach on Intermediate Algorithm Scripting Challenges and the same time I’ve finished crash course learning DOM from YouTube and I want to build to do web app project to apply what I have learned from this crash course.
So from your opinion what is better for me to do first?
*doing first whole Intermediate freeCodeCamp challenges?
*build to do web app project to apply what I have learned from this crash course.?
Or what?

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I’m a big fan of starting a curriculum and finishing it.

But if you want to do little side projects to apply your knowledge, that can be a great thing. But I would be careful not to let it distract you from finishing the curriculum.

I did a few little side things as I was learning, but it was always a little side thing that I worked on after I had done my curriculum for the day.

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I’d recommend to go for DOM manipulation/projects first, as long as they don’t introduce anything really new (like database/backend), because it’ll also solidify your knowledge about HTML/CSS. Assuming that you’d also like your projects to look awesome and have perfectly valid HTML.

Algorithm scripting is pure JS (methods and concepts). Important, of course, you probably want to be comfortable with the .map method before you start a To Do App, but if you’re not feeling about 90% confident with HTML/CSS yet, you might forget a lot when you’re only dealing with JS for a longer while.

Both can serve as a nice break from the other.

After enough algorithms, you might want something with a bit more tactile feedback that’s also creatively engaging. After enough DOM stuff, you might just want to solve some puzzles using JS. Both complement each other to keep things fresh.

I guess it also depends on the type of person you are.