Hello everyone, I need guidance

I’m new here. I’ve been doing HTML and CSS for a while now; it’s been more than 7 months. I’m practicing HTML and CSS, so I should start learning. Preformatted text’s JavaScript now? I’m a bit confused about it.

Hello @AbdullahQA !

Do you know what your goal is with your code accomplishments?

JavaScript is great, though as it gets further down the lessons, more challenging. But, javascript allows for much more flexibility in the actually coding of projects.

I think you will find it a good learning experience. And, when in doubt, there is a great community here to help you.

Remember: No question is ever a wrong question. We all learn by asking questions and practicing what we learn. The community should not provide direct answers, as this takes away from the progress of the learner (and I am still a learner who has just started the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting)

Best wishes for your continued success and forward movement in your coding journey @AbdullahQA

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I’m trying to become a frontend developer; after that, I will go for the back end. That’s my goal for now, and I’m a self-learning person. I’m not at the programming university, so I’m a bit confused about things.


Very good goal.

Then, you definitely want to start learning JavaScript Algorithms and Basic Data Structures.

Best wishes in your coding journey.

You can do this and reach your goal!


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