What is right to do here?

Hello everyone! I’m a self taught front-end dev, started my journey about 1 year and a half ago right here on FCC, and recently I got involved in my first real world project. Some very experienced programmer had a lot of projects and he decided to let me work for him on one of them, he was dealing with the client, I only dealt with the coding. I managed to do what I was asked but, because I am a beginner, it took me like 10 days and, I think, it was a 3 days job for a more experienced programmer. Because it took this long and for some other smaller reasons, the client decided to not continue with us anymore and not pay us. My collaborator, the more experienced programmer, told me he will still pay me for my work from his own money and that he liked my attitude and he want to continue working with me. Now my question is: should I accept money from him for this project? Given the fact that he didn’t get anything from it ? I don’t know what the morals are in this field because this is my first gig. Anyone else was in a similar situation? What would you do ?


Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community~!

I think the answer to this situation is really entirely up to you. If you aren’t comfortable with accepting the payment from him, you could ask for a referral or LinkedIn recommendation instead (that way he can reward you for your effort still).

It sounds like you’ve found someone great to work with, and if you are in a position where you can afford to decline payment here you have a lot of potential to negotiate something else (mentorship, opportunity to work with him on future projects, etc.).

Do I think there is anything inherently wrong with accepting the offered payment? No. You were contracted to do the work, you did the work, you are within your right to get paid for that work.


I second @nhcarrigan here. I don’t think you should feel bad taking the money, especially if it was someone else dealing with the client. They knowingly took on the risk when they outsourced the work to someone who is more novice. I also like @nhcarrigan 's point that if you don’t need the money and think you might be able to continue working with the more experienced programmer, you might be better served in trying to leverage it into more opportunities in the future, especially since they liked your attitude.

Also, coming from another newbie who is also looking for work, this sounds like a good problem to have… at least you got your first job! Good luck and keep a positive attitude!


The agreement was that you would be paid so accept it :slightly_smiling_face: It’s now his responsibility to go after the client for the money he is owed.

I would talk to him about this and your thoughts about it.

Our moral values shouldn’t be yours. Talking to him will increase the trust between you.


Absolutely agree with this, if you need the money take it. If you can mange without or you value the opportunity, counter offer with it. My personal opinion, be transparent with him. Say what your struggling with the decision and since your new to the field and to this situation you don’t want to lead it off negatively. (I’m assuming that’s your reasoning). My thoughts about that money, is if he wasn’t able to pay you he wouldn’t have offered. But again, you can just be transparent and ask if that’s really the situation.
What I would take away from this situation is a unfortunate scenario that could possibly lead to future opportunities. But as @miku86 said, ‘Our moral values shouldn’t be yours.’ Handle things how YOU would like to, and everything will be all good.