What is the efficent way to learn code through books?(video tutorials vs books)

Hello.I am wondering how can I learn programming through a book.Most of the books explain concepts on the several pages and put together these concepts in more than 90-100 lines of code.
For example:

Is reading concepts and typing all lines of code is efficient way to learn programming,compared to tutorials which is live typing?
Which one is good practice?

Efficient for who? Different people have different/preferred ways of learning.

Whatever works for you.

Here are my random thoughts:

  • With a book, you can write your own notes on the margins, on the page, highlight sentences, underline words.
  • You can carry a book anywhere with you and continue learning even not in front of a computer… bus, toilet, park, etc.
  • Computer Books are kinda expensive (here, about $40 to $60 or more). That’s a big incentive to make the most use and extract the most knowledge out of the book… otherwise, you just wasted $40-60 dollars.
  • Videos are great for quick overview introductions… get up to speed on a new/foreign material, language, framework, concept.
  • Videos with animated diagrams can be simpler to understand when understanding some concepts… or when the instructor points out specific things (with his finger or mouse) that may not be obvious
  • Videos cannot teach you the complete language syntax, available options, command/reference documentation. It’s just too much. A book or PDF or online reference is more efficient for this.
  • Videos are great/quicker when explaining some algorithms.
  • Video or books — it really depends on the instructor or author. Bad author == bad book. Bad instructor == bad video.
  • whether you choose book or video, completing that learning feedback loop is important to retain the lesson. If that means typing down the code on a computer, or manually writing the code and solving using pen or paper.
  • do not discount “writing the code” with pen and paper. The “memory tracks” created by this action leaves a deeper and longer lasting impression in your brain. Try it. :slight_smile:
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