What is the equivalent for YDKJS and Clean Code for CSS and HTML

I just recieved the You Don’t Know Javascript and Clean Code is coming… I’m loving YDKJS to supplement and extend my FFC learning time when there is no screen present and to give my eyes a break from the blue light haha…
My question:
Is their a CSS and HTML equivalent many moons ago when I was a kid I read and used HTML 4 for dummies … I know there is that but is there a Kyle Simpson and Bob Martin for HTML/CSS ?
I feel weaker there than the JS portion appreciate guidance in advance!

You may want to have a look at Shay Howe’s Learn to Code HTML & CSS (there is an advanced version, too). I came across them on P1xt’s guides and went through them recently.

If you are already comfortable with HTML and CSS the books may feel a bit too easy, but I’d still recommend reading through them because it’s, quite well-organised and can be used as a reference book. Chances are that unless you are already an HTML and CSS ninja, you will probably still pick up patterns and the odd, useful attributes/CSS properties that you wonder why you hadn’t come across earlier.

Do keep in mind that it’s slightly outdated—for example, some HTML5 and CSS3 examples weren’t standardised when it was written (from memory flexbox is barely mentioned and there is nothing on CSS Grid), but it shouldn’t be a big problem.

I hope that helps! Happy coding!