What is this Devtips Community everbody's been talkin about?

The Devtips Community is a community of newbie, experienced and all other kinds of developers, all learning code and helping each other out along the way.

I have seen many FreeCodeCampers in the Devtips Community, who chat regarding some problem they have on FCC or discussing problems related to their personal side projects or just chatting in general.

Its a great resource to get to know awesome people and solve each others problems. You can visit the Devtips Patreon page here.

To become a Community member you must be a Patreon of the Devtips channel. In this video Travis Neilson, author of the Devtips channel explains - why you should become his patreon ?


Are you a Devtips Community member ? Why did you became one and in your opinion How it can benefit other FreeCodeCampers ?


I just recently ran into his YouTubes by checking out Github for Noobs.

( https://youtu.be/1h9_cB9mPT8 )

I liked his vibe. he seemed very down to earth and when he made mistakes he laughed them off and owned them and celebrated them.

I’m checking out his jquery in 15 minutes now/next…

Yup. The 15 minutes vid is a great intro to jquery. He somehow made it fit into those 15 minutes. I am waiting for his KillingItWithJquery series. He is teaching js for first time.


Also waiting for the Killing it w/ jQuery course he is producing. Travis is awesome. Can’t recommend his channel enough. It’s pretty rad that their is a dedicated category just for DevTips in this community. Speaks volumes as to his reach.