What language in the curriculum is most like Python/Ruby?

Or are we missing a good comparable language?

The reason I ask is that it is a priority for me to learn how to build web data scraping tools and other things of that nature. I hear python is a great language for that but I don’t want to side trek from FCC if I don’t have to.


I’d encourage you to go ahead and learn Python. I’ve been doing it for a couple of months now and I really enjoy it. I’ve been using Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes. It doesn’t over web-scraping but it’s fun to work on the projects in the book. I haven’t studied Ruby yet but I’ll tell you that Python, like JS, is an object-oriented language and it’s very easy to learn. If you want to do scraping, maybe you could look at the book Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. Hope this helps.

All of FreeCodeCamp focuses on a single programming language: JavaScript. If you want to learn Python or Ruby, you can totally do that. All of the server side projects can be done in any language and framework you prefer. However, if you want to stay strictly with what FCC offers, you’ll be using Node and Express on the backend.

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If you’re looking for python resources, I highly recommend the free ebook Automate the Boring Things with Python. Very beginner friendly and fun as well! A curriculum like FCC doesn’t exist for Python (afaik), but Ruby has The Odin Project, which was highly popular a few years ago.

I would advise to learn Python - it is fun language and relatively easy, it has great libraries for things like AI, dealing with science data etc.

However, it is quite possible to do some webscraping with Js as well.

To get the html use npm package request or needle. Request is good if you have utf-8 encoding, but might return you some abracadabra if the page has not supported encoding. The you can use needle.

To parse received html you can use regexes or nice DOM parser - cheerio.

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