What projects I can start to practice?

I have been a front-end developer for five years. As I learn more technology, such as framework,technique, I feel confused that I don’t know what are important for development and what I really need to study. Please give me some advice and it’s better to leave some project channel for practice. Thanks!

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It doesn’t matter what the project is. What matters is how much time and energy you invest in it. Keep building the complexity and pushing beyond the comfort range of your current skills.


thanks for your advice

I suggest to check Frontend Mentor and start building all the projects in below order

  1. HTML and CSS
  2. JS
  3. React

May I know what is Frontend Mentor?

Hi! Here’s the link:

I did the first project here, that’s cool, it is crucial thing to practice and get some feedback from other people

I recommend DevProjects by codementor! They have projects in not only vanilla HTML/CSS/JS but also different JavaScript libraries and frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, and Node. I would personally suggest focusing on one front-end framework first.

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Google “frontend mentor”. Google is your best friend :wink:

I checked this website and looks good as well. But I’ve found Frontend Mentor has got big community of junior and senior members, as well their free discord channel is quite helpful during learning phase.

They are updating the projects, website at much faster pace

keep up to date with the latest trends, emerging technologies in the front end development ecosystem.


Can people use projects built in Front End Mentor in their portfolios?

Yes, it is literally one of the headlines on the site.

Build portfolio-worthy projects

Design is hard. We take care of the project ideas and design so you can focus on the coding. You’ll end up with an incredible portfolio of stunning projects!

But I would suggest you create your own projects as well (at some point). You can take inspiration from projects without copying them.

Lol. It could not be any clearer than that unless is said ‘put me in your portfolio’.


Sure, why not. If I’m hiring manager; I will look into your GitHub profile and see your coding style, commit history, what type of code to solve particular issue/s do you commit every day etc

Just make sure along with Frontend Mentor try to build some bit larger project of your choice e.g. I love “Formula 1” , then I will build something to do with that sports.

Just think of features, UI, UX on your own and build.

This way your project will stand out compared to others.

All the very best

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Sorry if the answer seems obvious, but as I haven’t used git/Github that much yet, what is the significance of ‘committing every day’ please? Why is it important?

Git and GitHub are used by majority of the companies for project management.

During sprint ( 1 - 2 weeks ) each of the developers, work on his / her own git branch and keep committing code.

Please check in YT how GitHub branching works for bug fix or feature addition.

If someone is not commiting code on daily basis, it may suggest that s/he is not done any progress for the day.

How would your manager or team know if code is not committed for everyone to see and review, particularly if team is remote or geographically distributed ?

Git and GitHub are must for every developer to learn and master.

During your learning phase; if you’re building and commiting code daily basis, it shows you are consistent with coding and do follow all the good practices religiously.

Your resume / profile will stand up on top of list for hiring manager

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Great. Thanks very much for explaining, that is very useful to know. I will try to start using it more frequently.

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