What python data science book should i buy for a beginner?

i am looking for a python data science beginner book for beginner

Hello, I hardly believe anyone can learn Data Science from a single book.
More important than books, is your knowledge of specific libraries that are useful for data science, (Numpy, Scikit-Learn and Statsmodels to name a few).
In any case, if you are searching a guide or inspiration, you can try this:
Hope this helps.

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I’d also brush up on your basic statistics.

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  • Can U describe your prior academic background
  • What is the expectation pertaining to learning from the data science handbook?

I been programming data science for a few months now and I want to help myself understand more about python data science and how it work, and I’m looking to understand about data science more with this book. I been also learn python off of YouTube the video is Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial] - YouTube , and i also talk to people that coded data science before

Data science covers a vast scope of areas of learning, As a fellow learner myself, I would suggest first getting an overview of what data science encompasses and picking areas which U wish to pursue and continue learning.

  • In addition to the above a prerequisite in basic maths and linear algebra and statistics exists , U are already covering programming and picked a language that is +.
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