What should I learn

Hello Friends,
I am ahmed.I am a student and 15 years old.I want to be a software engineer in future.I dont know what to learn.I have a dream to code.I am new so I need directions.Please…I saw free code camp is offering a 2000 hour free course…Which has web design and then javascript and algorithm and many more.When I saw that I thought I should take this.Will completing this will make me a software developer please…Should I take this class from beginning learning html and css.and then javascript and then mongo db and many many more…Should I take this.Time is not a fact…I can complete this…But Will it have any value…Will learning this will make me better…Or it doesnt has any value in software developing…please

The freeCodeCamp curriculum is intended to be done in order. I suggest starting at the beginning.


Thanks for your reply…but will taking the whole course will have any value in software development

It teaches you how to program, so yes. If you specifically want to learn a different technology that isn’t JavaScript based, then no.

Does this only teaches javascript or it teache database…pls tell me in detail about this course.pls…What will i learn after finishing this course.please

You can see everything that’s covered by the course on the /learn page. You can even see every challenge and project. Check it out.

it is a good place to learn programming it shows your progress next challenge you can ask for help and make friends there :wink: