What should I name a professional gmail account?

FirstnameLastname is taken and so are variations using the middle initial and the first and middle initial. Should I use something like FirstnameLastnameDeveloper?





Firstname.Lastname.Developer@gmail.com (try adding periods yet?)

To be honest, why don’t you register your own domain? You can get a domain for $0.99 a year and just use the mx records from https://www.zoho.com/mail/zohomail-pricing.html which is free for 1 domain. When you have your domain you can host your portfolio on github pages for free and point to your custom domain. Can you afford 1 dollar?

if you cant afford a dollar you can also add mrs.firstName.m.lastName@gmail.com too. You could even get away with removing the middle as not a lot of people use mr/mrs

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I have FirstinitialSecondInitialSurNameEmail@Gmail.com


but yeh, a domain would be better really then you can have firstname@domain.com

I wouldn’t use numbers if possible. Ideally, it would be best to use your own domain, but if you need/prefer Gmail, I would just use some combination of your name. My professional Gmail account is in the format of lastname.firstname@gmail.com.

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You can try putting _ before or after FirstNameLastname or LastnameFirstName.

To choose a professional Gmail account:

  • Use your business domain
  • Avoid nicknames and numbers

You can use:

  • First Name Only
  • First Name, Last Initial
  • First Initial, Last Name
  • Full Name

Read this for more details: Gmail sign up guide