Email for freelance work? suggestions?

Hello, Campers.

I want to create email for work. I have Facebook page. I will use Gmail email.

should I use my facebook page name as my email ID? or I use my real name as my email ID? or something else?

I will use it to send cold emails.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

and many thanks in advance.

Hey @optimistic!

I have seen some people write their emails using their first name followed by @ fullname dot com. So if you have a website with your first and last name that could work.

You could also do first initial and lastname (all one word) @ gmail dot com.

As long as your email is simple and professional there are lots of possibilities in my opinion.

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thanks so much for helpful reply. so which is better?
using my website name as my email id? or using my real name as my email id?

also I can not use email such as @ fullname dot com because I do not have one like that and I prefer gmail.

I personally think either one works. You will probably receive different opinions on this. I am curious what the other FCC campers have to say. But the bottom line is that is has to be simple and professional whatever choice you make.

You could also look at the suggestions through this reddit thread on email addresses in the group called Freelance.

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Thanks so much for your helpful reply.
and waiting for other opinions.

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Hey there.

I think as a professional, you should own your name.
This means having an own domain, e.g.

I would add an email like or

I don’t want to give people big dollars who don’t care about privacy in their email and selling my data to Gmail. => IMHO unprofessional



thanks so much for your helpful reply.


and if gmail is unprofessional for work, so is there free method to get email like ?
because I do not have domain like that. and my facebook page name is not my name. its name is like a company name or website name.

You shouldn’t be a freelancer… shift your head space so you view yourself as a CEO of an agency. And if your agency is just you, that’s fine. So your email should be ‘’ for example - you want your prospects and clients to trust you and if you are a freelancer, it has been my experience, a business owner won’t take a freelancer seriously. At least not serious enough to pay more than $750 USD for a website. You want to be charging at least $7500 USD for a website.

As for sending cold emails, DO NOT send your cold emails from your main email address. What I mean is your email (using the example above) of needs to be protected so it doesn’t hit spam. So buy a cheap domain and create an email address of ‘ or’ to protect the sender reputation of your main email and Google/Gmail won’t throttle you. When you create that email (for cold emails) first thing to do is email 10 friends/family members and get their responses. This ‘warms up’ the email address and won’t be snagged by Google’s spam parameters

Remember to put a proper signature in your emails and have a good hook as the subject line for a good open rate around 30%.


No, I don’t think so.

I think as a freelancer you shouldn’t fall into the “everything cheap”-mindset.
This is an investment.
People buy from you because they trust you.
I wouldn’t trust a person who is not willing to invest $10 per year for a domain.


Thanks so much for your advice. it is really helpful

thanks so much for your helpful reply.

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