Email for sending cold emails?

Hello Campers

as a freelancer, what should I name my email for sending cold emails?

should it be named by my real name? or named by my website name?

and many thanks in avance.

Generally, I recommend against cold emails. They are often treated like spam.


thanks for your opinion.
so do you recommend anything else?

Hi @optimistic !

Here are some helpful articles from FCC news that will show how to get clients and build your business.


thanks for the helpful links, but also I am just curious
what is normal?
should the email for cold emails be named by my real name? or named by my website name?
and many thanks in advance.

I think that some of the articles address these questions.

I would think really carefully about spamming potential clients with ‘cold emails’ though. How seriously do you take unsolicited emails trying to sell you stuff?


You should look into getting an email address with your business name instead of a personal address.

I own a small business and get unsolicited emails all of the time.
They always go in the trash can.


thanks for your reply.
and please, what do you mean by personal address? do you mean my website name?
and many thanks in advance

If you purchase a domain name, then you can use as your business email. That’s the most professional looking angle I’ve seen.


This would be a personal email address.

This would would have a business name

You want to appear as professional as possible. :grinning:


thanks so much for explaining.

sorry the last question.
I am asking
should it be like
sorry for my questions and many thanks in advance.

If possible, something like this is best. If you can’t afford to buy a domain (~$20/yr or so), then I’d go for


Hopefully buying a domain name and keeping it updated is a viable option for you.

Think of it as a business investment.


thanks so much for all your suggestions

thanks so much for all your suggestions

Also I am open to other suggestions and ideas concerning that

We already answered this exact question some months ago for you:

Nothing changed since then.


thanks for your comment. I just stick to having gmail because I did not get the idea of the $10 domain.

can I have this domain without hosting? since I use free blog.
I think paid hosting only give us email like this not only domain can give us such email.

Purchasing the domain and hosting the contents for the domain are separate. I own a domain, I host my assets for my website on my domain on GitHub, and I use fastmail to manage my email accounts for my domain.

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thanks so much for sharing. so fastmail service gives you your businesss email not github?