What should I use Git/Github for as a beginner?

Everywhere I look, people say “you should be using Git/Github” (I understand the difference) from the beginning. That you should immediately start using it. I saw someone write “if you’ve coded a project with more than 10 lines in it, you should be using Github”.

My question is, as a beginner/intermediate, what should I be using it for? I’m not working on projects with anyone. Should I be using it in place of Codepen to ask questions about projects I’m building?

I know there are other options other than Github but I’m just using that as an example. TIA

For me I started of with building a website trying to make my own replica of : https://www.fairytailgame.com/
I tried to use git and also tried to install it.

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Eh. People saying stuff like “anything with more than 10 lines should be on GitHub” seems… pointlessly dogmatic.

GitHub is good for more than just sharing projects. Anything that you work on over time may get a lot of value out of a version control system. Anything that you want to be able to access from multiple computers, or have if your computer dies, can benefit from being stored remotely.

It’s good to start getting comfortable with Git, so sometimes it’s worth it to use it even if it isn’t all that important. Some people will also claim that potential employers will check a GitHub profile for activity, but (a) I have never met a recruiter or interviewer IRL who does this and (b) they know that “activity” is not the same thing as “doing anything remotely productive”.


Even on a single-developer project, Git is basically the “Save” and “Load” feature for your source code. You probably do want that even if the other benefits are secondary. It doesn’t have to be hosted on Github, but hosting it somewhere is a good idea.