What tech stack to learn to upgrade from WordPress?


I am working on a project which has a content platform unlike a wiki, eCommerce, Courses, Listing based websites and video streaming websites.

Right now everything is on different WordPress installs under different folders. My goal is to create a separate system which can bind them all while using WordPress API/ WPGraphQL.

At the moment, I am experienced in HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress and learning React right now. I have a fair knowledge and usage of DS, SQL database, API’s as a frontend guy.

My question is, What else i should learn to create a wonderful app with future integrations to import all data with time and completely shut WordPress in long run?

I am working solo and need a path about how to grow slow with a sustainable tech stack and architecture.

More people can join in future so what best practices I must use now to make it hassle-free and easy for others?

More things to consider-

  • Multi-Lingual feature to be added in this which is not on WordPress right now
  • Web-App so it can also be published on playstore/appstore.
  • Notifications on actions (Right now we are using one signal for manual push notifications. )
  • Page URLs should not change and the folder structure also remain the same.

I can work and learn 10-12 hours/day in parts.

Thanks for this wonderful community.

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I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. So are you looking to develop on WordPress or build Web apps using other web technologies?

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