What technologies does one have to learn to become HTML Email developer?

I understand you need html and css, but what else do you need to know? Will I need to learn tailwind and sass too? It seems hard to learn how to learn lol, I just want a checklist and to remove the guesswork so my inexperienced ass doesn’t waste time

It really depends. I’ve had to do a tiny bit of this for work. HTML and CSS are obviously the core. I’ve also had to use some templating languages like handlebars and and something else, I can’t remember. You might also be expected to understand the engines that send out the messages. I’d do a bunch of googling. There may be some people here with a little experience in this, but I think you’ll get better info with some simple searching.

I would also look at job postings, see what skill sets they are expecting.

HTML and CSS is all you need,

But you’re working with email clients, not browsers, and email clients don’t support modern web standards, so you won’t be using modern css.

You won’t have flexbox or css grid and will need to depend on building layouts with tables.

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