What to do after getting front end deb developer certification?

Looked around for jobs and of course i have to build portfolio projects, but it would be ideal to use react, however not exactly sure what to build.

I wonder how viable is freelancing, both to make money and to make some money while building a portfolio, also partly the problem is that the city i am staying in right now is rather small so opportunities are basically non existent and ridiculously underpaid, and from what i saw work from home jobs are mainly for those who are more experienced.

It would be also nice to connect with other developers because my journey so far was a fun but lonely one.

You said yourself: Build a reputable, solid portfolio. Meanwhile if you can get freelancing gigs…why not?
Regarding what you should build…think big. When I start building projects on my own I´m tired of the same simple apps which have 0 creativity and there are a 1000 of them.
Even though you start building something very difficult, you will learn a lot in the meantime and if you can deploy it finally it will be worth as having 20 to-do-list type of projects…

Good luck

Thanks, yeah i got some ideas but i am concerned they might be too big, or make no sense, or require more of a designer skill set.

Hey, actually i would advise you to start small and iterate from there. Smaller projects are easier to finish than bigger ones. I did a summary of what recruiters want to see in an portfolio, this might be interesting for you: http://junior-dev.com/2019/04/18/what-kind-of-projects-do-employers-want-to-see-on-a-portfolio/

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