What to do every day for building logical skills and where to start building those as a beginner

hello beautiful people . i started learning js in june mid 2020 . i have learned the basics of js and want to brush up on my current skills (also i am learning new stuff ). The problem i am facing is coding exercise websites have been to overwhelming for me . Can anyone here suggest where i should practice and solve problems that are in scope of my current level and slowly it will move to advance stuff . I want my logic building process to start right away and really want to start solving problems , do research and learn through these problems .

you could try with sites like https://www.codewars.com/, https://www.codingame.com/ , etc

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is this for a complete noob like me …?

yes, as codewars will start you with the most basics kata, and then move you slowly upwards increasing difficulty

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thank u very much . appreciated

im a noob too, try learning js,
i found this interesting as a beginner to learn coding block as a logic, although i personally use it to teaching my kids but im learning the logic too in it

For myself, I used to code competitively before transitioning to development. For that algorithmic thinking mindset, I’d reccomend working on problems from AtCoder. It’s a japanese programming site geared for beginners with problems that range from simple to challenging. I used to learn Python myself and I think it would help with that problem solving aspect.

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There are a lot of good explanations for this kind of exercises.

I just started a new series on this: https://dev.to/miku86/javascript-katas-split-a-number-array-into-odd-and-even-numbers-1kc0

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