What would you do differently?

Hi FCCers,

Artist and designer turning Front End Dev. I am two weeks into FCC and I am also taking CS50 Harvard and Microsoft Python for Data Science (both at EdX). I hope to get some UI/UX under my belt as well and become a design oriented front end dev.

I have two questions:

  1. For those who are in a job, earned through your work completed with FCC, what would you do differently? Would you have learned another program or did you have to back fill knowledge to really get started on the job?

  2. Is my plan nuts? Is it realistic? My concerns keep my up at night. “Fine art based female, over 35, seeks career in tech.”


Thanks P1xt!

The more I learn about UX, the more I want to concentrate in that but the DC area doe snot support UX specialists as yet, thus the mix of Front End. I used to code sites from scratch back in the mid/late 2000s so I am not completely lost however your suggestions are terrific and I will definitely check them out. Thank you!