What would you recommend?

What front-end web stack would you recommend to go for?

Web stack? See tutorial videos on youtube and try to understand like from freecodecamp channel…

  • HTML
  • CSS with frameworks especially bootstrap.
  • JavaScript with some frameworks like React, Angular.js, etc.

You can get started with HTML by creating an account: freecodecamp.org.

Thanks for the answers. I can however already code, just want to get into front end development.

html, css and js is a must. so is probably react and typescript and maybe some test suit for them if there is any?

FreeCodeCamp teaches the MERN stack, check the curriculum and see if it can be helpful for you - you certainly don’t have to do the things you already know, you can start wherever you want

Lots of testing options. Jest is a solid choice for React.

Typescript is optional. Flow is a nice middle ground for JavaScript type checking.

Agree with all the above. Core concepts are more important I think overall than “stack”. SQL vs NOSQL is good question. I’ve been playing around with really cool front end stuff written in Go.:vulcan_salute: