What's the right approach to building a Data Analytics dashboard?

First of all, I love freeCodeCamp. Its been a lot of help in my studying as a Dev.

Recently I have been assigned a project to build a dashboard for displaying records of transactions as analytics sorting out by daily volumes and values. I am already familiar with Python and SQL and currently learning JavaScript. I have been given an API endpoint to receive real time data that gives me JSON format numerical data along with proper fields. I need to to know the right approach to do the below.

  1. Extract data from API (I have already tried to write a Python script for this)
  2. Store the data in an accessible manner for other apps and scripts.
  3. Analyze the data real time with proper ordering methods.
  4. Display the analyzed data on a web app using graphical charts and maybe in text too.

I have thought of using Python to extract data and analyze it and use CSV or something similar that doesnt deal with huge databases to store data and JavaScript to plot the data on the web site.

I have to do this from scratch without using third party analytical services. I need to know how to begin and what other resources I should use to build this.

Hope somebody can give me a few guidelines. Appreciate your help a lot.

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