When i type this in visual studio it says 'You don't have an extension for debugging 'plain text'. I download the extensions they suggest and still won't work

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Describe your issue in detail here. when i type this code in for visual studio it You don’t have an extension for debugging ‘plain text’. should we find a ‘plain text’ extension the marketplace?

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Challenge: Create a Text Field

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If you are writing HTML it needs to go in an HTML file. So for example, name it index.html

If you are trying to run the HTML I would suggest using the Live Preview extension.

Until we save what we’re doing as a file and give it an extension Visual Studio (and other text editors) assigns it as a plain text file. If you’re not saving it that’s what’s causing that error. Save it with the file extension .htm or .html.

Try notepad++ Downloads | Notepad++
It’s faster, a lot less nonsense. We can just open a file and start coding instead of going through all the (nonsense) after waiting 9 minutes for a resource hungry programs like VS to finally open, then having to tell it what we want to do, then loading the “solutions” pane, then doing this, then doing that and this and that and the other (nonsense that slows us down and makes completing what we’re doing take 20x longer) VS requires before we can start coding.

open the file, type.

If needed we can use a browsers console for debugging.

Visual Studio is, yes probably, the “industry standard”. That doesn’t mean it’s the best, easiest, and fastest it just means it’s what most people choose to use.

I’ve had several professional coding jobs. We can use what we choose to use to create our projects with unless the company we’re hired to work for demands we work in their office with their chosen software.

It’s a good idea to learn as many ways possible to write code if a person is planning to make a career out of coding. The same applies to any career path. If you only know one way you’ll be limited to opportunities that require that way of doing it. Being versatile is more valuable to more employers and clients = more opportunity and usually higher-paying jobs.

It also helps us learn when we have to do most things manually instead of using a program that does a lot of things for us. When we use a program that does a lot for us we end up relying on those features, we’re not learning what those features do for us. In a lot of cases what those things do for us is important to know how to do manually. At least so we understand what they’re doing for us.

Lol thanks I’m not that advanced yet I don’t even know what any of that means, but I do know most the basics how to make an image paragraph nesting stuff like that. I’ll checkout the notepad ++ but what version shall I download.

The latest version of course.
Many coders use notepad++. It’s super simple, easy to use, and it doesn’t require doing anything with it to start working other than opening the file we want to work on and going at it as soon as it opens.

When you open your file in notepad++ check out the ‘Language’ menu. There’s tons of code types listed in there. When you choose one it will give the text in the open file highlights that help understanding the structure of that type of code just like VS does. It’s different colors but it’s the same thing.

I assume you are using Visual Studio Code and not Visual Studio?

If not, get Visual Studio Code and the extension I posted. That is going to be a lot nicer developer experience than Nodepad++.

Not that having Nodepad++ as well is a bad idea, I use it all the time, just not for actual serious coding.

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